Thursday, February 16, 2017

Clinical Practice Site Recruitment

Hello all,

I thought I’d give a quick update of where we are with recruiting clinical practices. We have great Cluster Leaders and their research managers that have been working very hard to recruit and onboard the 40 practices we need for the study.  Currently we have 9 cluster locations from the following states:

·         California (Bill Sieber)

·         Georgia (Ryan Breshears)

·         Kentucky (Bill Elder)

·         Massachusetts (Dan Mullin)

·         New York (upstate) (Kim Griswold)

·         Oklahoma (Fran Wen)

·         Oregon (Liz Waddell)

·         Washington (Kari Stephens)

·         Vermont (Rich Pinckney)

Our recruitment goal for the project is 40 practice sites. At present from these clusters we have 31 practices that have meet the eligibility requirement of having completed 4 practice Integration surveys per site and meet the scoring criteria. There are 3 additional sites that have returned 3 responses and we are just waiting for a 4th.

 Additionally, our cluster leaders have identified that there are additional practices that they have spoken to who have expressed interest (~7). We also have been speaking about adding another cluster or two.
The next steps for the practice sites that are eligible based on their integration survey are to complete a practice research management survey, conversations with their Cluster Leader, local IRB approval, and contracting.



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