Monday, November 21, 2016

Contracting progress

The first clinical sites have passed their initial qualifications and are beginning the contracting phase. Three sites from The University of Buffalo have each completed 4 PIP surveys and the Research Management Survey and demonstrated that they meet the inclusion criteria for the study. So, today, Sylvie Frisbie (Research Associate) sent out their "Commitment Packages" which contain all the contracting forms and legal boilerplate.

Still to come: IRB approvals, Data Use Agreements, test data transfer and so on.

Kudos to Kim Griswold (Cluster Leader) and Chloe Hurley (Cluster Administrator) for being first past the gate!


Ben Littenberg

News from the PCORI Annual Meeting

Juvena Hitt (Project Manager), Jennifer Lavoie (Patient co-investigator), and Ben Littenberg (Principal Investigator) attended the 2016 PCORI Annual Meeting in National Harbor, MD near Washington, DC last week.

The crowd was even bigger than last year, it seemed, and the gigantic Gaylord Resort venue was swarming with PCORIans from all over the country. There were dozens of presentations on various aspects of PCOR with a special emphasis on stories from the many patient participants who attended.

Jen was part of a panel at a Pre-Conference Session for Patient Scholarship Recipients and Ambassadors and got great reviews. Ben and Jen presented at a panel discussion on "Novel Delivery of Evidence-Based Behavioral Interventions for Anxiety and Depressive Disorders" where we featured all of your great work!

Here is some sculpture from the National Harbor:


Ben Littenberg